30 Secret Numbers

Almost every day, I receive messages from young men and women asking me: “How do I develop myself so I can land a job with a decent salary? How do I start my own project and fulfil my dreams? To whom should I turn for guidance and support in solving my problems? Why don’t I get to travel like everyone else? What are the secrets to success? What do I do and where should I start? I feel frustrated in my own country.” These recurrent questions, and many more, are essentially what urged me to write this book.



The story is about Farhan, a young man who will journey between galaxies in his own open space, in search of the secrets of his subconscious mind and the keys to success.

In the first galaxy, while he is still in the womb, we witness a dialogue between him and his mother; an ongoing conversation during his life-before-life. His first secret is a universal language carrying symbols and a complex code. It is the secret language the two shared at the time, and the mysterious link between his galaxy and her planet Earth. But during delivery, and the transfer of all the parts of his soul from her unto him, the symbols of this language spouted and scattered with the cosmic energy that emerged as he came out. Every symbol then disappeared into a cosmic rock, making it impossible for any creature to find and decipher them besides him, even if it should be after a while.

The first galaxy is the time realm from where Farhan’s life begins, and the spatial realm for his adventures and experiences. From there, he will set out on the journey to find his cosmic secrets.

In Farhan’s second galaxy, a new world lies ahead. He will rummage through its old secrets to unlock his own talisman. A talisman that will change him. In the second galaxy, strange things happen to Farhan. A shiver will run unexpectedly down his body, and his nose will grow and smell strange things happening. He becomes taller and his hair begins to thicken. His eyes widen and he feels an immense strength in his forearms. It is as if the magical island, where he found himself, passed unto him one of its secrets when he ate its bananas, swam in its milk and drank from its river of tea.

Farhan pursues his journey, and as he walks on, he is faced with a sandstorm that sways him left and right and carries him to the Lake of the Secret Soul. There, he feels something strange about the galaxy. His eyes tell him it is a cemetery, but his heart  smells the scent of life inside the hole. Suddenly, a strange creature resembling a tiny man leaps in front of him. The small manisa few centimeters tall, at best. His face consists of Aurora reflections and his cheeks are red and clear. His voice is deep and much bigger than his size. He has a huge beard, which comes down to his feet. What will happen between the two?

When Farhan leaves the lake, he will find a man sitting in the place of the guardian of the galaxy. He will then realize that he has reached the Galaxy of the Golden Tree Leaf. Who might that man be? And what is the story behind the leaf?

I will not elaborate further on the plot of the story – on how Farhan meets the love of his life on Facebook, or when he reaches the Galaxy of the Wise Men, where he will search for the secrets of the self, or when he arrives to the Galaxy of the Tree of Eternity.

Farhan came into this world, and with him his emerging cosmic rocks. His mission is to unlock their secrets, as in them lay his greatest secret of all. So will he succeed?

30 Secret Numbers - Cover Jan 2016


About saedkarzoun

SAED KARZOUN is a journalist, social and business entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and the founder and CEO of the Palestinian organization Taghyeer. He is also the founder and CEO of WLW profit company for Digital and Training Services which was created in 2017, and in 2020, Saed founded Hayah Youth Movement. Taghyeer’s mission is to inspire youth to create social and economic change through the use of new technologies and entrepreneurship. “Taghyeer” is a non-profit company working on developing social media usage in Palestine and making a change in society on issues revolving around women and youth. Some of its initiatives include YouKnow: Freedom of the Internet and Speech, BlogBus– We blog to Develop, Mappingher – Tech for Women, Hona- I have a story to tell. In 2019, Saed founded The Mountain Business Incubator- Inspiring Economic and Social Change in Palestine. Saed is a lecturer in entrepreneurship, digital journalism and design thinking. His mission is to motivate and engage young entrepreneurs and changemakers to maximize their political, economic, and social impact as well as to inspire people to do the things that they love to, so that when used together, positive change can be created through the turning of social and economic conflicts into opportunities to create lasting peace. In May 2016, Saed was awarded the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement (KAAYIA), a $50,000 grant benefitting Arab countries. In October 2015, he was awarded the ASHOKA Prize, the world’s largest entrepreneurship fellowship. In July 2015, he published his first book “30 Secret Numbers”. And in April 2015, he was chosen as a 2015 Internet Freedom Fellow under the auspices of the United States Mission to the United Nations in Geneva. In December 2014, Saed won the German Transparency International Prize for the Social Entrepreneurs Initiative Global in 2014. Karzoun.saed@gmail.com

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