Now It’s Our Turn – The Youth

Our lives are not safe. There is no trust, no quality in services, no normal life that we so desperately deserve.  There are no economic, technological, health, or educational developments. We do not see political change. We do not participate in elections or have a role in the government, because there is no room for us. Our choices and freedom have been taken away by those put over us. The decisions that they make are not those that would express our hopes, ambitions and ideas, but rather decisions made for their own gain. Due to this, we have been put in a position where we have no independent state, no present, and no future.

We no longer tolerate the state of which Palestine is in due to the Israeli Occupation.  The inability of the current parties to provide a decent life is shameful. The absence of presidential and legislative elections has not only continued Palestinian division, but has also caused the drawback of international and Arab support for the Palestinian plight.  The absence of Palestinian diplomacy and the mismanagement of the current governing bodies has caused irreparable damage. We no longer tolerate, nor accept this governing system and the deterioration of the agricultural, economic, social, legal, and psychological damage it has caused.

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The state of continuous deterioration and stagnation has prompted us to announce the launch of an initiative to establish a youth body which will be developed into an independent youth movement. One that offers realistic solutions to the problems at hand, improves the quality of people’s lives, expresses contemporary and creative youth vision, and aims to integrate youth into important decision-making positions. A body that represents the independent and diverse Palestinian youth, who will fill the historical geographies and diaspora of Palestine, the members of which are not more than 45 years old, and has an advisory board of experts aged over 45, from diverse political, diplomatic, economic and social backgrounds. We will be a body that guides the youth towards hope, work, democracy, freedom, and ultimately liberation from our oppressors.

This initiative aims to establish a new youth movement marked as vital, independent, and non-political.  It seeks to build a positive and effective society, so that it can defend our rights, homeland, and freedom.


To build an effective and free-functioning society for everyone, regardless of their political, religious, and cultural orientations, with the intention of achieving full economic and social rights.


Now it’s our turn. – “The Youth”

Now It’s Our Turn – The Youth


1- To be a strong youth partner for the current parties, as we present new and contemporary solutions and visions to deal with our problems and follow up on their implementation.

2- Reinforcement of the Palestinian political leadership’s appeal in front of the Israeli occupation, and empowering the various governmental administrative bodies and their current members through updating the decision-making processes, and hiring new, specialized, independent, and unbiased youth for decision making positions.

3- The movement will be a new source of inspiration, and a safe space of expression that unites and motivates young people in historic Palestine and the diaspora, so that they can take practical steps to protect their socio-economic rights, confront negativity and general frustration, and build the independent state in which they dream.

4- To give female youth and young women a fair and real space to practice their economic and social rights fully protected.

5- To invest in humans and put them in the first space, and provide job opportunities and a fair life for all people of all ages and geographical regions, particularly those from vulnerable areas and far from the main city centers, by supporting creativity and agricultural, social, economic, entrepreneurship and technological projects, without favoritism and partisanship.

The ten Basic Demands:

First: We demand a government that represents all of the people, and one that spreads realistic solutions that resolves conflicts at their root.

Second:  We demand for democratic and transparent presidential and legislative elections that reflect Palestinian diversity, and to end this era of division once and for all.

Third: We demand leadership that provides security, safety, stability, and fair services, so that we may exercise to its fullest context our rights.

Four:  We demand for the rule of law, justice and equality, separation of powers, end of imbalance between the powers, and the imposition of a transparent, fair and strict judicial law.

Five: We want to fight corruption in a serious way at all levels, from the highest to the lowest.

Six: We demand protection for the Palestinian farmers and consumers from price manipulation, fraud, high cost of living, and market volatility in all its forms.

Seven: We demand modern economic laws and financial facilitations that motivate young people to stay and work from our homeland, and provide a safe space for creativity and entrepreneurship.

Eight: We demand a contemporary educational system that helps children and young people to be creative, inventive and imaginative without restrictions.

Nine: We demand immediate updates to the recruitment and employment systems, the ministerial structure and the municipal councils in order to end the era of agglomeration, bureaucracy, and all forms of corruption.

Ten: We demand a brave and inspiring government, full of young and independent figures that seek to spread a positive spirit.

Next Steps:

1- A group of 10-20 young women and men will identify the current and future action steps.

2- Call for an expanded meeting with new community leaders, who carry an independent, positive, hopeful and vibrant mindset, from historical Palestine and the diaspora, to discuss priorities, action plan and final strategy.

3- Final announcement, formally launching the movement, and opening the door for admission.

4- Adopting openness and social media platforms for dialogue, interaction and youth inclusion in the movement.

The founder of the initiative: Saed Karzoun – media and entrepreneur, holding a master’s degree in international studies and diplomacy.

About saedkarzoun

SAED KARZOUN is a journalist, social and business entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and the founder and CEO of the Palestinian organization Taghyeer. He is also the founder and CEO of WLW profit company for Digital and Training Services which was created in 2017, and in 2020, Saed founded Hayah Youth Movement. Taghyeer’s mission is to inspire youth to create social and economic change through the use of new technologies and entrepreneurship. “Taghyeer” is a non-profit company working on developing social media usage in Palestine and making a change in society on issues revolving around women and youth. Some of its initiatives include YouKnow: Freedom of the Internet and Speech, BlogBus– We blog to Develop, Mappingher – Tech for Women, Hona- I have a story to tell. In 2019, Saed founded The Mountain Business Incubator- Inspiring Economic and Social Change in Palestine. Saed is a lecturer in entrepreneurship, digital journalism and design thinking. His mission is to motivate and engage young entrepreneurs and changemakers to maximize their political, economic, and social impact as well as to inspire people to do the things that they love to, so that when used together, positive change can be created through the turning of social and economic conflicts into opportunities to create lasting peace. In May 2016, Saed was awarded the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement (KAAYIA), a $50,000 grant benefitting Arab countries. In October 2015, he was awarded the ASHOKA Prize, the world’s largest entrepreneurship fellowship. In July 2015, he published his first book “30 Secret Numbers”. And in April 2015, he was chosen as a 2015 Internet Freedom Fellow under the auspices of the United States Mission to the United Nations in Geneva. In December 2014, Saed won the German Transparency International Prize for the Social Entrepreneurs Initiative Global in 2014.

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